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Friday 17 February 2012

Retrospecticus - Volume II

    On this the occasion of the two hundredth post, it is pertinent to look back at some of the pieces from the past few months. It’s been great fun; thanks for coming by and may the next century of posts help usher in a new era for POV-FS.

The Negatives

The tragic premature passing of Bobby Rhine shocked and saddened the MLS world. While a defense of Mo Johnston proved both popular and fiercely unliked.

The Positives

The emergence of Joao Plata as a pint-sized hero for a new era of Toronto FC – if Danny Dichio was the cult icon of the first few season, could anyone less in his mold bear the mantle of the next? And with Montreal nearing their inaugural match in MLS, some words of warning for the expansion new boys.

Something Serious…

… and a Bit of Fun

Some rumbly-tumbly in the style of Stuart Hall for the Canadian men’s national team; the first – hopefully of many - POV-FS road trip - to all levels of the English pyramid; the first annual Xmas drinks - be on the lookout for another opportunity to get together coming soon; and finally the latest feature, Book of the Month.

    And finally a tip-of-the-hat to a new blog on theatre reviews from London; could think of many worse topics to share with.

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