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Tuesday 28 February 2012

From a Different Point of View – 4th Week of February Edition

Some Things You May Have Missed From the Last Week

    Whenever I delve into a subject I find it’s necessary to fill in the background with as much information as possible. To that effect, and with Cantona in mind, this picture gallery of Marseille by Ed Kashi that popped up at National Geographic was quite interesting.

    The 5live Sport Special series that emerged a while back is one of the best larger issue podcasts available. Their edition on the mercurial Italian striker, The Surreal Balotelli by Pat Nevin is a fascinating glimpse at the entertaining young star. The pod can be found here, while a companion piece is available as well.

    The potentially game-changing pub case regarding EU law and television rights has come to a conclusion; now let’s see what the effects are to broadcasting contracts.

    This is creepy, while this is awesome. And this blog, spotted by The Dirty Tackle, is fantastic – the proposed book would be equally interesting.

    The Guardian does it right – RSS feeds. I love them, still working my head around how best to use them, but they should be essential to each and every decent site. The Guardian has feeds for each series and writer and for individual writers who cover a variety of sports you can even select just the sport you desire to limit the feed to that content. Brilliant.

    One of my own, on the quiet offseason for Toronto FC.

    New books that were released in the last little bit that I plan on picking up: Graham Hunter’s Barça – The Greatest Team in the World - interview here; David Hartrick’s 50 Teams that Mattered; and Michael Orr’s (better known as Mao) The 1975 Portland Timbers: The Birth of Soccer City, USA - author interview here.

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