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Friday 30 December 2011

POV-FS Xmas Drinks – Wrap

    The first annual POV-FS Xmas Drinks have come and gone. Hopefully a good time was had by all; a bit of beer, some football, and a lot of excellent conversation.

    Thanks to all who made in out, in chronological order-ish: Duncan Fletcher of Waking the Red and Roz Shields; Kristin Knowles; Paul Marhue of East Side Stand Up; Ian Clarke and Daniel Rouse of RedNation Online; Ben Rycroft of Metro News, It’s Called Football and Canadian Soccer News; and the Some Canadian Guys crew - Squizz, Grant and Jamie – of CSN and Rogers Sportnet.

    I managed to make it the whole night – more or less – and it was a pleasure to meet everyone. Thanks again for coming out, let’s do it again soon. If you couldn't make it this time, rest assured there will be another.

Editor’s Note – Apologies for the lack of activity here of late I’ve been busy with holiday cheer and such. Finally feeling closer to normal since returning from England, so things should be picking up with the new year; have a few things in mind to spruce up the site as we approach the first anniversary of POV-FS. Thanks for your support throughout these early days, Happy New Year.

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