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Tuesday 29 January 2013

Can We Play You Every Week? Canada vs. the USA – A Burgeoning Rivalry

    On the eve of another friendly between the Canadians and their neighbours to the south, the Americans, it seems the perfect time to ponder why these two countries do not make use of their proximity more often.

Monday 28 January 2013

Where Are They Now? Former Reds Gargan, Harden, LaBrocca, Avila, Sturgis, Harmse, and Ricketts Find New Homes

    In the latest installment of ‘Where Are They Now’ several of the MLS-journeymen type players - and one very special footballer - who have donned the Red of Toronto FC find themselves in new surroundings with the North American season approaching in commence.

Beyond POV-FS – TSG’s USA vs. Canada Preview: Klinsmann On Border Patrol at The Shin Guardian

    A small contribution to The Shin Guardian’s preview of tomorrow’s match between the USA and Canada in Houston, Texas went live earlier this morning.

    In it an estimation of the scope of the project that faces the Canadian program, a look at the squad available, notes from the match against Denmark, and of course, a ton of information on their opponents, the Americans, courtesy of the fine folks at TSG.

    Check it out and see what rests in store for the Canadians against an MLS-heavy camp cupcake American side.

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Where Are They Now? Joseph Nane & Demitrius Omphroy

    We here at POV-FS are always keen to spot former Toronto FC players – and there are quite a few of them – in our search for news.

    In that spirit, Joseph Nane and Demitrius Omphroy have been named as preseason trialists for DC United as the club begins its training camp in Bradenton, Florida.

Monday 21 January 2013

POV-FS On The Road – England (Again) & Scotland – Days One & Two: Travel & Preparations

    It’s that time of year again.

    Hello and welcome to the introductory installment of the second annual POV-FS ‘On the Road’ World Football Tour. Yes, “World” is a little grand for another trip to the United Kingdom, but hey, you never know where these travels may take us in the future, so may as well think big.

    For now, while I dust up on my comprehension of other languages, these English speaking – more-or-less - nations will have to suffice.

    With the MLS season stretching further into the winter months and MLS Cup scheduled for the first of December, I decided it was wise to wait until the Christmas season – and its subsequent fixture pile-up – to plan this year’s tour.

    Last year’s voyage was immense fun, but the backlog of missed matches, a bulging PVR, and piles upon piles of reading that awaited my return is still being dealt with to this day, and so, the choice to travel when most other leagues went on their winter hiatus, and MLS entered its post-season torpor, made the most sense.

    Departing on the twenty-seventh of December and set to return on the eighth of January, we here at POV-FS began our journey.

Sunday 20 January 2013

Where Are They Now? Fuad Ibrahim

    When last Ibrahim popped his head above the parapet the former Toronto FC and Generation Adidas striker had joined Minnesota Stars FC of NASL at the start of the 2012 season.

Friday 18 January 2013

POV-FS Mail It In Friday Video – Commercials

    Having previously promised to have the recap of POV-FS’s British Tour already posted – it will now begin on Monday; thought it wise to let the draft get out of the way first – we’ll begin with a few of the more entertaining commercials on offer while watching matches on television over there.

Toronto FC Draft Day - Allocation, Allocation, Allocation

    While watching the draft unfold yesterday, one could be forgiven for getting agitated at the peculiar – if brilliant – moves made by the TFC front office.

    Allowing the more high-profile potential to pass on by while collecting nebulous amounts of allocation money and grabbing the top two Canadian talents can be viewed as a missed opportunity, a waste of such a vaulted starting position – having initially held the first and third-overall picks, or as a small victory in the uphill battle that will see the club finally become relevant in the league.