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Thursday 16 February 2012

Book of the Month – Cantona: The Rebel Who Would Be King by Philippe Auclair – Chapter Five – The Vagabond 1: Marseilles and Bordeaux

    The white and sky blue of Marseille; the mantle of light turned tunic of Nessus.

    Club reborn of dubious wealth and character. Tapie, the cash man; Cantona, the minot returned.

    A phone call never made, precipitates a Mickey Rourke-inspired, expletive-laced tirade – ten months, banned; apology ignored.

    Better than remembered, the hostility grew.

    Earthquake charity on frozen pitch, turns rancourous – never substitute a Cantona – another incident of emblematic flaws brought public.

    Indefensible; to Barça? No. Exile in the blood.

    Characters and crooks, strange bedfellows indeed; a deal is reached, the elevator resent.

    An unheralded spell nicely spent; hard work and professionalism respected, but not on the street. Hounded and cat-called.

    The empty champion, first of career.

    The two friends reunite; a shocking decision.

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