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Saturday 8 October 2011

On Canada in St. Lucia – In the Style of Stuart Hall

    A bit of rompy-pompey for the Canucks; a Friday Night Jump Up set against the backdrop of the sun setting over the old Caribbean cricket grounds on the outskirts of Gros Islet – a sleepy fishing village turned tourist destination.

    Beausejour Stadium – aptly named for the nearby hills - a haunt of despair for Canadians in the past – location of all three of the nation’s group stage matches during the 2007 Cricket World Cup; all lost – revealed its beauty, playing host to this the third fixture of the second round of CONCACAF World Cup Qualification. 

    Simeon on fire, thrice scored; Hume and Occean two: Canada seven, the islanders nil.

    “They’ve started Kenny!!!” began the exclamatory tweets, though as the feed crackled and the child screamed those trivialities soon passed forgotten into the subconscious. 19. 27. 35. 39. 52. 73. 86. “Bingo!” sans letters of course; A+ for effort and completion; result still pending.

    The defense - rarely tested - held strong despite limited days; Jazic, some called long-in-the-tooth, others call leader. The attack - full of thrust - threatened at every opportunity; lessons heeded of past chances squandered.

    Hart happy with the victory, his faith repaid; De Ro honoured – in the Canadian way; note the ‘U’ – to take the field for his country and captain the side.

    Toronto FC, well-represented and represented well; fiftieths for de Guzman, firsts for Morgan – now spoken, forever held – and Dunfield waiting, patiently, professionally, in reserve, soon called to replace the felled Will Johnson – a victim of some rumbly-tumbly - just prior to the floodgates failing.

    The impetuous Russian youth Di Chiara held back; perhaps on Tuesday… perhaps…

    The Panamanian arbiter called mercy in the end, as St. Lucian frustrations turned to foul desperation in the defensive third through the final throes of the match. Penalties rendered moot, as punishment had already been meted in due proportion.  

    A new measure for domination by the Dominion; though few could claim to have seen it, it did indeed happen. UStream, we stream, follow however you must. Line redacted - expunged for decorum and modesty’s sake.

    Saint Lucy; Santa Lucia, patron of the blind – defenders and spectators alike; the martyrs – see previous note, add the Voyageurs; of epidemics – does goal-scoring count?; of throat infection, salesman, and oddly enough, writers, have mercy on us, forgive us our trespasses; for taking joy in the vanquished.

    A spicy, explosive broth come to life in that Windy style, honed by Chef Hart; that which was longed for … as the watched pot stubbornly refused to boil.

    With Friday’s gone, come Tuesday’s. Be there … to taste the soup.

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