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Wednesday 10 August 2016

Beyond POV-FS – July Recap: Radio Hits, Night Games, Three Matches, Patience, Tosaint Ricketts, Damien Perquis, & a Handful of Mailbags

So, it seems as though making this a regular post is a little more difficult than previously hoped.

This edition, like its predecessor, comes ridiculously late – apologies.

Waking the Red – WTR Mailbag: On Night Games

In this edition of the mailbag, the opening topic revolved around the change of schedule that Toronto FC has undergone this season.

Since the club was formed, the majority, if not all, league matches were played mid-afternoon, when the sun was highest in the sky.

Unsurprisingly, it evoked a response from one reader who feared that this decision would adversely affect the ability for families with younger children from taking part.

The rest of the conversation involved Jordan Hamilton, the Alex Bono vs. Quillan Roberts conundrum, a bit of Tosaint Ricketts' will-he, won't saga, and the MLS transfer window.

MLSsoccer.com – Toronto FC vs. Chicago Fire

The post-match reactions from TFC's 1-0 win over Chicago: Toronto solid and unconcerned by Sebastian Giovinco's goal-less run; while Chicago take pride in effort as the club continues to be molded into the vision of Veljko Paunovic.

Greg Vanney's last words – 'He'll find his way' – seem especially prescient now.

Nextsportstar – Red Card with Anthony Totera

Mr. Totera was good enough to have me on the show, talking all things TFC.

Always a must listen for footy fans, covering a good mix of local, national, and international topics.

Waking the Red – WTR Mailbag: On Patience in Youth

In this edition of the mailbag, the tale and of Hamilton came to the forefront.

Listening to the chatter, would have left one to think that the youngster was on the outs having vanished into the background since coming onto the scene with such fanfare. But given his chance, he seized it with both hands (feet?), making the most and proving that he has a future at this level.

Conversation in the comment section included whether the club would stick with the youth, or reinsert the starters upon their return – still a pertinent issue, as well as how the club should proceed during the transfer window, what with the then-recently announced departure of Damien Perquis.

Vocal Minority Podcast – Episode 146 #MuskyGuide

The good folks over at VMP were kind enough to proffer the invite, unaware of what awaited them – a cracking, albeit flimsy, seven-point defence of the egg laid in San Jose where TFC fell 2-1 to an Earthquakes side reduced to nine men by a pair of highly-debatable, later-rescinded red cards.

MLSsoccer.com – Toronto FC's Alex Bono owns up to mistake, while [Jozy] Altidore likely to return

With the debacle in San Jose in the rear-view, Bono acknowledged the gaffe, discussed needing to have a short memory, while proving to his teammates he could be counting upon. It also emerged that Altidore was nearing his return, exciting Giovinco in particular.

MLSsoccer.com – Tosaint Ricketts 'ready to go' after ending wait to sign for Toronto FC

The worst kept secret, and longest transfer saga, in TFC history finally came to a conclusion as the Canadian international was finally able to put pen to paper and join his new side months after coming into the fold.

Ricketts discussed the peculiarity of his situation, what he brings to TFC, and the familiarity of BMO Field, having excelled there with the National Team.

Waking the Red – WTR Mailbag: On the Realities of MLS Rosters & Damien Perquis

In this edition of the mailbag, a hearty candidate for longest title to date, the difficulties of managing an MLS roster, where both spots and finances make it difficult to make a move without first making others.

As well, a salute to Perquis who departed the club, recognizing one of the presumably many private moments that the greater public does not get to see, hopefully, providing a glimpse beyond the fiery competitor on the pitch.

Conversation revolved around the then-recent announcement of the EFL's intentions to punish dissent more full-throatedly, the projected lineups and their veracity, Perquis as emblem, breaking down opposition defenses in MLS, logical fallacies (only the best), and another deep dive on the rules & regulations, trying to suss out their true meaning.

MLSsoccer.com – Toronto FC vs. DC United

Post-match reactions following TFC's 4-1 win over DC: Giovinco announces 'he's back' with an emphatic hat-trick, while DC lick the wounds of a bad performance in preparation for a return home.

Waking the Red – WTR Mailbag: On Home Form

And finally, with Toronto in the midst of a four-game home stretch, not to mention six of their last eight matches this season at home, the important of utilizing the advantages of to pile on the points. Up first was a potential-Trillium Cup clinching bout with Columbus.

The advantage of hindsight allows one to say that the club took this message to heart.

Conversation below, although a little muted, saw yet another dive into the dark abyss of MLS rules where swirling eddies of GAM and TAM, flotsam and jetsam, remained tantalizingly beyond comprehension, and a spot of autographing hunting.

MLSsoccer.com – Toronto FC vs. Columbus Crew

Post-match reactions following TFC's 3-0 win over Columbus, that saw the side win a second trophy of the season: the Trillium Cup.

For Toronto, the stunning performance by a youthful midfield – Jonathan Osorio, Marky Delgado, Jay Chapman, and Tsubasa Endoh – stole the headlines in the absence of Benoit Cheyrou, who has been the straw that stirs the drink through a difficult month; while the Crew lamented an unacceptable outing.

Seeing as it is already the second week of August, no promises will be made about being more timely with these, though that is the intention.