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Friday 10 February 2012

Book of the Month – Cantona: The Rebel Who Would Be King by Philippe Auclair – Chapter Four – Farewell to Auxerre

    Auditions; primed for the big occasion.

    Home and away against the young England of Gascoigne, Keown, ‘Rocky’, et al; the ‘miracle de Highbury’, an introduction to English football; the rain and a mystic fog descends. Who was watching that day?

    On the outs at Auxerre, but where next?

    The best and brightest - if you can call them that - of French footballing society in pursuit.

    Contracts, paintings, phone calls, and dinners. A turbulent time for the impressionable youth.

    Choice reduced to a final two; a contrasting pair. Whether to go high society or with the relentless salesman?

    The final decision, some sleep to clear the mind and dream.

    A return home and that infamous interview.

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