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Wednesday 7 September 2011

First Person View - Tragic News: The Passing of Bobby Rhine

    Tributes and grief have been pouring out from all corners of the MLS family with the tragic news of the sudden passing of former player and current FC Dallas broadcaster/manager of Community Development.

    I was out all morning yesterday and came home to hear the news late. It was both shocking and sad – he was only 35 and leaves behind a wife and two children. There are times when one’s own mortality slaps you in the face and hearing of such a convivial man passing in his prime is one of those events.


    The video tribute above has been circulating, and written pieces from the FC Dallas site, and several other outlets have been posted. A picture gallery provided by the Dallas Morning News outlined his career.

    His former teammate, Real Salt Lake manager Jason Kreis perhaps best summed up the man and the loss felt by all.
"Bobby Rhine was one of the finest individuals I have ever had the sheer pleasure of being around. I will always remember the joy that he brought to every training session, every game, and every social encounter we ever had. He was truly, truly special."
"He was a talented and passionate soccer player, a man who always looked at life with a bright and positive outlook, and a remarkable family man.  All of my thoughts and prayers go out to his entire family. I have lost a dear, dear friend, but we have all lost  so much more than that - one of the truly great ones."  
    Bobby played his last match in 2008; I never had the pleasure of meeting the man, but through his work on several radio shows – Total Soccer, the FC Dallas podcast; CSRN’s Around the League and his guest appearances on Winning Ugly Radio, and ESPN Dallas’s Soccer Today - his positive and energetic outlook on the game left an impression on me.

    He seemed a good man, who met every question with a patient smile and a thorough, thoughtful answer. A particularly poignant tribute on the most recent episode of Around the League, by those lucky enough to consider Mr. Rhine a friend, opened the show.

    When Bobby retired the tributes to his playing career were equally touching, a model professional whose passion for and knowledge of the game outweighed his strike rate. The 3rd Degree – ESPN’s FC Dallas Blog - wrote an excellent summation of the man’s career, including his letter announcing his retirement, which spoke to his humility and perspective of the game he was leaving and loved.

    Mr. Buzz Carrick at the 3rd Degree thought this video aptly portrayed Bobby for the selfless individual he was. 

    From players and coaches, to fans and fellow media members, Mr. Rhine's spirit was far reaching. When this league eventually does achieve the level of respect and international acclaim it deserves and desires it will be because of the passion, dedication, and hard work of people like Mr. Rhine. A sad time for all he touched; he will be sorely missed.

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