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Saturday 23 November 2013

Beyond POV-FS – Toronto FC 2013 Top 36 Countdown: Number 25 – Hogan Ephraim at Waking the Red

    Waking the Red’s annual player countdown, going through every player to take to the pitch for TFC this season is well underway – up to number 17, Jeremy Brockie.

    Hogan Ephraim profile, asking the question of whether he was an unappreciated talent or a wasted loan, went up a week or so ago.

    Check it out – and the rest of the countdown can be found here

Beyond POV-FS – MLS Week in Review: Playoff Edition – Conference Championships, First Leg at Canadian Soccer News

    With the second legs set to kick off this evening, seems a perfect time to go back and look over what happened in the first legs some two weeks ago.

    Post is up over at Canadian Soccer NewsCheck it out

Saturday 9 November 2013

Beyond POV-FS – MLS Week in Review: Playoff Edition – Conference Semifinals, First and Seconds Legs at Canadian Soccer News

    Full recaps of the four conference semifinals are up over at Canadian Soccer News.

    Thus far the playoff have been a rollercoaster with the first two rounds packed into a compressed time span while the upcoming international dates are set to distance the two legs of the conference finals by a full two weeks.

    Hardly an ideal situation; the lack of breathing space has been a combination of exhilarating and overwhelming.

    Like a fine wine, sometimes it is better to let a series simmer and there is some fear that the large gaps between rounds will cause the attention to dwindle.

    Anyways, the reviews – First Legs & Second Legs