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Monday, 12 December 2011

POV-FS - On the Road - England – Post-Mortem and Thanks

    Back home and with some time for reflection under my belt I realize it was quite a tour of the various strata of English Football. A sample of action ranging from the Premier League down to the FA trophy between to Non-League sides; from the glory of Old Trafford and the Emirates, to the historic and well-loved City Ground and Brisbane Road.

    London to Manchester and back again, after a quick jaunt over to Nottingham. I wish I’d done more, but got in quite a bit considering. A great experience all told.

    A few thank you’s to dish out before I close the door on the tour.

    Firstly, my Dad; for coming with me and making it all possible.

    The fine folks at The Blizzard for having me at the launch of Issue Three and showing me a good time out afterwards, as well as signing a few autographs. Enjoy the Maple Syrup.

    Adrian Moorhead for trying to squeeze me onto the radio, though it proved unsuccessful I appreciate the consideration. Keep up the good work on Booted, another excellent 5live program featuring the best bloggers around.

    The English chap – Chelsea fan and cricket club dude - who chatted with me at the bar for a good hour or so – sorry I’ve forgotten you name - but if you read this please do get in touch, I very much enjoyed our conversation.

    And finally to all of you for following along on the blog; I hope I’ve conveyed well the experiences and that you’ve enjoyed the travel log; I had a great time doing it and hope to line up another one sometime soon.

In case you missed any here’s a list of links to each entry.

    Day One & Two - Introduction
    Day Three – Arsenal v Fulham
    Day Four – FC United of Manchester v Altrincham
    Day Five & Six – Forest v Leeds
    Day Seven – United v Palace
    Day Eight – Blizzard Launch
    Day Nine & Ten – Orient v Gillingham
    Day Eleven – Sutton United v Notts County
    Day Twelve & Thirteen – Tour of London & Home


  1. Thank you for the letting us follow along on your journey! Very much enjoyed the posts. Cheers.

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