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Monday 20 February 2012

Book of the Month – Cantona: The Rebel Who Would Be King by Philippe Auclair – Chapter Six – The Vagabond 2: Montpellier

    A blank canvas and a license to run.

    Huge outlays from the council coffers; a motley crew – Jacquet, Valderrama, Blanc, Cantona and Paille.

    The hopeful duo so very impressive as a pairing in youth; with them comes the spotlight; with brotherhood a tension. The train that goes off the rails sells more papers after all.

    Nationally, one spot for two strikers; allies turn adversaries with Platini at the helm. Papin irreplaceable – a cruel, cruel game. The frustration builds.

    A scuffle – regular enough occurrence, ignored, lest Eric be involved…fired? Banned and then split instead. As happens, time and distance forces the best of friendships apart.

    The winter break brings a blessing; Jacquet inched out, for one more understanding.

    With the Prix Citron narrowly avoided, the back nine proves a different story all together. The Marseillais sparked by the Columbian for a Spécialité Francais.

    Dinner is on Eric; La Coupele bonheur.

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