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Wednesday 29 February 2012

First Person View - Book of the Month Fail

    If I had been honest with myself from the off, I never would have allowed for such a rigid time frame for such an endeavour. Rushing is not my forte and how I am partaking of this pleasure is not benefited by such a crunch.

    To be honest, as far as resolutions go, it has lasted longer than most.

    The project will continue – with extra gusto – but I will be abandoning the constraints of the calendar for future editions.

    On an unrelated note: I love the crispness of a fine new book, I view them as objects of art, to be fondled only with the cleanest of hands; in the gentlest of fashions. I find in devouring a book no matter how hard I try to be delicate; I end up destroying the pristine nature of the new treasure.

    There is something tragic and poetic in that, a Heisenbergian impossibility, my quest to absorb the content while protecting the immaculateness of the source. Oh well, crack on.

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