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Saturday 31 December 2011

American Samoa

    This being the holiday season an all, there’s always room for a heartwarming story. Take some time to listen to the BBC World Service’s World Football program from this past week.

Friday 30 December 2011

POV-FS Xmas Drinks – Wrap

    The first annual POV-FS Xmas Drinks have come and gone. Hopefully a good time was had by all; a bit of beer, some football, and a lot of excellent conversation.

Tuesday 20 December 2011

Beyond POV-FS – All I Want for Christmas is Joao. Part 2 – An Increased Sense of Community

    New piece up over at Waking the Red as part of the Toronto football fan’s Xmas wishlist series.

    Be sure to check it out, as well as the first installment; a worthy desire for any TFC fan. Keep an eye out for the rest of the series coming soon.

First Person View - Hoilett Says No to Jamaica?

    Sorry about the misleading tagline, but I came across something interesting last night while listening to BBC Radio 5 live’s Monday Night Club.

First Person View - Spare a Thought for D2

    This is now slightly old news, but the CSA has contracted a company to evaluate the possibility of a nationwide professional league to function as a domestic division II. This is an especially pertinent examination given the USSF’s mandate that the NASL will cap the number of foreign teams in its ranks – at 25% I believe - thus limiting Canadian participation in the league and stifling the potential growth of soccer markets outside those already established.

Friday 16 December 2011

POV-FS Xmas Drinks – Details

    Going ahead with the get together, Wednesday, December 21st at The Duke of Gloucester – 649 Yonge St. 2nd Floor. It’s a nice central location, easily accessible, and footy friendly.

Tuesday 13 December 2011

POV–FS Xmas Drinks

    I’ve toyed with the idea of trying to put on a Christmas drinks meet up for footy fans in the Toronto area. A chance to get together, have a drink or two, watch a few matches, and talk; to meet new people and chat with old ones.

    It’s incredibly short notice, but Wednesday the 21st is looking like a possible date. There will be ten hours – back-to-back - of EPL and it’s far enough away from the holidays that it will not interrupt any family time.

Monday 12 December 2011

POV-FS - On the Road - England – Post-Mortem and Thanks

    Back home and with some time for reflection under my belt I realize it was quite a tour of the various strata of English Football. A sample of action ranging from the Premier League down to the FA trophy between to Non-League sides; from the glory of Old Trafford and the Emirates, to the historic and well-loved City Ground and Brisbane Road.

POV-FS - On the Road - England - Day Twelve & Thirteen: Tourism & Home

     Monday (December 5th)  marks the last full day of the excursion abroad; there was a faint hope of finding tickets for the Fulham-Liverpool match at Craven Cottage – one of the grounds I really wanted to go see – but it proved fruitless.

    Seeing as I had avoided doing the whole tourist thing for the majority of the trip I gave in to the urge to ride a tour bus around the historic districts of London.

Wednesday 7 December 2011

POV-FS - On the Road - England - Day Eleven: Bus to a Potential Giant-Killing

    With limited action available in London on Sunday, there was some consideration given to hopping on the train to attend a match somewhere else, but I had had enough of trains and running about. There was one match within reach however, as non-league side Sutton United were in search of a cup upset hosting Notts County in the FA Cup.

Monday 5 December 2011

POV-FS - On the Road - England - Day Nine & Ten: The Away Pub Experience and off to the Orient.

The Ticket Office of Brisbane Road
    Having spent Friday on the mend - my cold has come back with a vengeance - I was as chipper as could be come Saturday morning and ready for a full day of football.

    After a quick Tube ride over to East London, the plan was to catch the early match on tele - Newcastle v Chelsea - before taking in an FA Cup match between Leyton Orient and Gillingham.

Sunday 4 December 2011

Friday 2 December 2011

POV-FS - On the Road - England - Day Seven: Old Trafford Upset

The view
    Having been up so late and traveling for much of the pervious day, Thursday morning was a write-off. A quick snack in the hotel room - some cheese and bread procured at the Xmas market previously mentioned, a rest then we're off.

    A short, but ram-packed ride on the Metrolink - I have never been so crammed into a mass-transit as I was then - to the area surrounding Old Trafford.