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Saturday 3 May 2014

POV-FS Out Loud! – The Vocal Minority Podcast, Episode 35 #Foreshadowing

The Crew over at VMP, comprised of friends from Waking the Red and The Yorkies, were kind enough to have me on this week’s episode in the role of New Tony, as Old Tony has gone missing over in Blighty.

A review of the opening two months of TFC's season, a chat about the Ottawa Fury Voyageurs Cup debut experience - and my $2-bus ride, and plenty of other pearls of wisdom neatly daubed across the hour.

Do check it out – follow on twitter – subscribe on iTunes – and all that jazz.

It’s great fun; let them know what you think about the show as well, catch up on old episodes, contribute to the bitchyblanks to win great prizes (prizes consist of admiration and appreciative nods and hmms – not and hmms may not be as enthusiastic as one desires).