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Wednesday 6 July 2016

Beyond POV-FS – June Recap: TFC Injuries, Three Matches, Goalkeeping Situation, Jordan Hamilton, & a handful of WTR Mailbags

So, it appears as though with all the football action going on over the past month – UEFA Euros, Copa America Centenario, & MLS – it has been a while since one of these went up.

Thus, this edition is a long one, covering all the content that went up over that time frame, and it includes a return to Canadian Soccer News with a piece based off an interview with Carl Robinson.

Waking the Red – WTR Mailbag: On the Value of Trophies

This version of the mailbag saw a slight tweak, using the preamble as a chance to editorialize about whatever happens to be going on at the moment. The topic, ahead of the second leg of the Voyageurs Cup semi-final in Montreal, was what benefit a side could derive from a trophy.

Conversation in the comment section largely revolved around what is needed from the various young players – Jordan Hamilton, Mo Babouli, Jay Chapman, etc. – in order for them to get more playing time.

MLSsoccer.com – No Bradley, no Altidore, but Giovinco back for TFC

Following a ten-day break between matches, Toronto FC may have been without two of their three designated players with the resumption of league play, but at least Sebastian Giovinco would be back in the fold.

Waking the Red – WTR Mailbag: On the Dividing of Schedules & Rhythm

In this edition of the mailbag, the topic of breaking a schedule down into sections and the importance of finding rhythm as a means of navigating a long season were the points of emphasis.

While in the comment section, conversation involved the possibility of conceding points in the name of keeping depth players fresh, so they can perform when called upon, and an unfulfilled question on why Canada struggles to develop players.

That is a very large question – the mailbag has a way of bringing them up – and one that will be gotten to in time.

MLSsoccer.com – Gio vs. Gio: TFC eager for superstar showdown

Ahead of Toronto's clash with Los Angeles, a team against whom they have struggled historically, the prospect of a Giovinco vs. Giovani dos Santos duel was too appealing to ignore – even though in the end the LA star, and Steven Gerrard, did not make the trip.

MLSsoccer.com – Toronto FC vs. LA Galaxy

The post-match reactions from TFC's 1-0 win over LA: Toronto guided to victory by some veteran nous in Benoit Cheyrou and Drew Moor, who scored the game's only goal; while LA lament the late concession.

MLSsoccer.com – Toronto FC vs. Vancouver Whitecaps – Voyageurs Cup

The post-match reactions from TFC's 1-0 win over Vancouver in the opening leg of the Voyageurs Cup Final: Toronto wonder if, given the lineup disparity, the narrow margin of victory would hold up with the second leg in Vancouver; while the Whitecaps are frustrated with the deflected goal conceded.

Waking the Red – WTR Mailbag: On Being Hard to Beat & Finding Form at the Right Time

In this edition of the mailbag, Toronto's return to a solid defensive unit, and doing so at the perfect time, is the primary focus.

And in the comment section, myriad topics, including the absences of Damien Perquis and Mark Bloom, Herculez Gomez' ghost salary, MLS financial transparency, goalkeeping depth (a prescient issue), and the potential of summer transfer moves are all discussed.

Canadian Soccer News – On the Other Side: Carl Robinson on his time in Toronto and MLS Growth ahead of the Voyageurs Cup Final

In a long-intended return to the pages of Canadian Soccer News, an interview with Carl Robinson, head coach of the Vancouver Whitecaps, about his time with Toronto FC, with whom his new side would be clashing in the closer of the cup, and the growth in MLS since his arrival in 2007 were discussed.

Waking the Red – WTR Mailbag: On Frustration & Overcoming

In this edition of the mailbag, again, ahead of the Voyageurs Cup finale, the controversial last-minute penalty kick in Orlando is ignored, instead the focus is on how this TFC side, for all their frailties, is never out of a match – the concept of not losing, simply running out of time in a primary theme. An idea that was very much in play with the seconds ticking down later that night at BC Place.

In the comment section, once more the mysterious extended absences were discussed, as were the tendency towards slow starts from TFC and the state of refereeing in MLS.

MLSsoccer.com – As injuries mount, TFC reveal Altidore near return

With all the bad – Clint Irwin, Michael Bradley, and Will Johnson facing long injury lay-offs – there was some positive news emanating from the TFC ranks, as Jozy Altidore was nearing a return to full training of ahead of his return to the side.

MLSsoccer.com – Bono takes reins as TFC cope with Irwin's injury

That injury to Irwin has cast the club into an awkward position, without a true, experienced number two, they have only a pair of youngsters with minimal minutes. Both Alex Bono and Quillan Roberts are highly-touted, but are they ready to start?

MLSsoccer.com – Toronto FC vs. Seattle Sounders

Post-match reactions following the 1-1 draw between the two at BMO Field: a strong performance from a depleted TFC in their fifth match in fifteen days lacks finishing touch; while Jordan Morris' crucial strike helps build confidence for the floundering Sounders.

MLSsoccer.com – TFC's next big thing? Hamilton finds scoring touch

A feature on Jordan Hamilton, who has scored four goals in eight appearances over the past month or so on the back of some very solid performances after two seasons in the wilderness.