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Wednesday 8 February 2012

Book of the Month – Cantona: The Rebel Who Would Be King by Philippe Auclair – Chapter Three – Auxerre: The Professional

    The patterned life of a professional footballer; a girl; love. A clever plan, well-executed, to spur and save the youth.  

    A precursor to January 1995; a contract and a home in the sleepy countryside for a newly married man.

    Hair cut, unbecoming of the times; an unsuspected species emerges, but what now?
    A new medium, to flaunt the wares, the old replaced with the new.
    Spies and secret laundry, a ‘punch’, and promise fulfilled while leniency is repaid.

    Honour bestowed, espoused tongue-in-cheek; an orator performs. Friendship with the camera-man; uneasy intelligence. 
    The ego sacrificed for the whole in a time of need. The joy of hopeful youth juxtaposed with dreary professionalism.

    A review, from the telegraph, for the book in question.

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