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Tuesday 21 February 2012

All Quiet on the BMO Front

    This preseason has been unlike any other in the short history of Toronto FC.

    No – well, very little – turmoil in the front office necessitating radical philosophical shifts. Limited player turnover – spare parts allow to leave, while key contributors were reacquired and roster weaknesses in defense have been addressed.

    It’s all gone rather quiet.

    The media outreach from the club has been sparse to say the least; whether a deliberate minimalist tactic or a consequence of five long years is a matter for debate.

    The big match at the SkyDome – yes, it has been renamed the Rogers Centre, but in truth, it will always be the Dome – seems to have replaced the need for player and coach interviews in the build up to Season Six – or VI, if that’s the preferred nomenclature.

    Let them focus on the task at hand, get to work; the Champions League match is – rightly or wrongly - the face of this preseason.

    Quite refreshing that the last-minute speculation - of whether the club would be able to register a full roster and a decent side; or will this manager be the one to last - has been replaced with a peaceful, if eerie, calm.

    Perhaps that is just what the club needs,

    It would come as no surprise to find this as part of the grand scheme of Aron Winter - the man who attempted to ban mandatory post-match intrusions in the name of protecting the sanctity of the dressing room. It should be noted that despite the apparent failure of said movement, almost all interviews since have appeared to take place in the gym, rather than the locker room.

    Is this cold shoulder a breath of steely European pragmatism into the North American sporting carnival? Across the pond, whether the access is given or fought for, articles will be written. Conversely – or concurrently - this quiet could in part be a reflection of the less-than-intense glare focused on the sport by the media.

    Whether the occupation of the Dome will be fruitful to progression is not the most important aspect of the day. Strong ticket sales are some indication that the city is willing to give the past-troubled club another chance at their affections.

    Truth be told, all that is required is a strong showing and a great experience, any further matches in the competition at such a busy and important part of the season could derail what should be seen as a slow build.

    This is year two of a gradual crescendo. The first saw the organization get its footing. This year they face their competition head on; prepared – sustainable success is the ultimate goal, one not easily achieved with hasty decisions.

    It’s all gone rather quiet.

    Save for a low rumble, beginning to build in the distance – down by the lake; one that will transform into that familiar, comforting din soon enough.

    Sometimes it’s good to be quiet; so that when noise is made, folks will take notice.

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