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Sunday 29 March 2015

Beyond POV-FS – Know Your Enemy and How You Doin' – Real Salt Lake at Waking the Red

The usual Toronto FC preview posts are up over at Waking the Red for Sunday's match against Real Salt Lake.

Know Your Enemy combs through Salt Lake's lineup and form in Part One, while Part Two digs a little deeper, reviewing the game film for strengths and weaknesses in preparation for Sunday's meeting in Salt Lake.

In How You Doin'?, Waking the Red exchanges some questions with SB Nation sister site, RSL Soapbox, to peek behind the curtain and see how Salt Lake thinks and what may be coming through the pipeline in terms of future talent.

Check them out.

Friday 27 March 2015

Beyond POV-FS – MLS Canadian Content, Rounds 02 and 03 at Canadian Soccer News

Having forgotten to post a link here last week, reviews for the last two weeks have been up over at Canadian Soccer News, recapping the performances of the Canadians who took to the pitch in MLS each round.

Round two saw Sam Adekugbe, Tesho Akindele, and Steven Vitoria take the top three spots.

While round three featured Akindele again, Marcel De Jong, and Maxim Tissot in the medal positions.

Check them out.

Saturday 14 March 2015

Beyond POV-FS – Know Your Enemy & How You Doin': Columbus Crew SC – Meeting the First at Waking the Red

Previews of TFC's upcoming opponent, the Columbus Crew SC, are up over at Waking the Red.

The two parts of Know Your Enemy assess their lineup and form (Part One), before reviewing the available game film for strengths and weaknesses, while highlighting some points of interest (Part Two).

In addition, Waking the Red exchanged some questions and answers with sister-site Massive Report, SB Nation's Columbus affiliate – Crew SC responses can be seen here, while TFC answers are here.

Enjoy the match!

Wednesday 11 March 2015

Beyond POV-FS – MLS Canadian Content, Round 01 at Canadian Soccer News

The first review of the Canadian performances in MLS this season went up over at Canadian Soccer News yesterday.

Pickings were rather slim, with only four candidates seeing the pitch throughout, while two of those players – Tesho Akindele and Steven Vitoria – have only the most tenuous of links to the National Team.

Top spot goes to Russell Teibert, who was lively in his hour-plus on the pitch; second spot to one of his opponents that match, Toronto's Jonathan Osorio.

Check it out

Saturday 7 March 2015

Beyond POV-FS – Know Your Enemy: Vancouver Whitecaps & How You Doin' at Waking the Red

A cornucopia of preview articles are up over at Waking the Red, previewing Toronto's start to the 2015 MLS season, which begins with a daunting trip to Vancouver on Saturday.

The two parts of Know Your Enemy should be familiar to most by now – this will be the third (maybe fourth – no time to check) season of those previews. Part One looks over Vancouver's lineup and form, while Part Two hits the tape room to review some of the scant game film available from preseason for strengths and weaknesses.

Added to those two, Waking the Red exchanged some questions with Eighty Six Forever, SB Nation's Vancouver site, to dig a little deeper before the evening kickoff. Jon Szekeres was kind enough to provide some answers on the 'Caps, while TFC responses can be found here.

After an off-season that passed as if in the blink of an eye, MLS is back for its twentieth season. Two new expansion clubs, a raft of new stars, and plenty of intrigue. Should be fun.