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Friday 20 January 2012

From a Different Point of View – 3rd Week of January Edition

Some Things You May Have Missed From the Last Week

    The Africa Cup of Nations kicks off tomorrow and all week long the previews have been rolling in. Jonathan Wilson is on the ground asking questions, speaking of Libyan renewal, and previewing the tournament for Sports Illustrated. ESPN breaks it down by group, while World Soccer turns to Mark Gleeson for his thoughts. Jerrad Peters gives his take on The Score’s Footy Blog, in two parts. While Gary Al Smith will be contributing a weekly Friday column and made an appearance on the podcast this week. If pods are more your style, Beyond the Pitch has a massive preview of their own; Mr. Smith turns out again, as does Ed Aarons; check it out. And the controversy regarding the hosts has already begun, as prize money on offer has some riled.

    As a young league MLS needs to take every opportunity to celebrate its past. The return of the ‘What ever happened to...’ series is one such worthwhile read. The first installments feature all-time single season goal tally record holder Roy Lassiter and defender turned priest Chase Hilgenbrinck. Check out some of the bigger names from last year’s series Chris Armas, Mauricio Cienfuegos, and Carlos Valderrama.

    A tip of the cap to Dirty Tackle over at Yahoo sports, Brooks Peck brings the endless entertainment all week long, check it out.

    Hannover goes beyond the usual requests with the latest players’ survey.

    Darlington Saved

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