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Tuesday 17 January 2012

First Person View - #BalotellitosaveDarlington

    As I was going to bed last night, twitter provided an amusing prospect – Manchester City’s Mario Balotelli to save Darlington FC; most likely just rumour – or some wishful thinking - but an honorable concept nonetheless.
    I've always wondered why footballers don't put more back into the game.

    When Portsmouth was up against the wall, I bought a few kits and such, as I had some extra loot at the time. When Dundee faced similar circumstances, I lacked the funds - as I do now - but kept a watchful eye on the proceedings; as I had over the death of Chester City.

    Darlington are in dire financial trouble - they have been for some time to be honest - facing administration, liquidation, dissolution, and non-existence.

    It's sad to see a club with over a hundred years of history on the brink of extinction.

     In this era of megabucks at the highest levels, so many little clubs face extinction with debts that pale in comparison to the monies bandied about haphazardly by the rich. A top player’s weekly wages can save a club, so why not be a hero.

    Though such actions would not eliminate the damages caused by mismanagement and improper dealings, they could provide the necessary grace period for clubs in need of more time to sort out their affairs. It seems to me that more often than not clubs can – and will – be saved, but the difficulties of working within imposed deadlines scuppers absolution.

    A Facebook campaign encouraging everyone's famous mythical scamp to save the club has begun, the twitter hash-tag above has been circulated, the Balotelli meme has come to full fruition.

    It may well be too late - no doubt a phoenix club will rise from the ashes of the foreclosure; perhaps even a return to their spiritual home, away from the vain albatross that precipitated this Black Tuesday, will come about - but if anyone can save them it's Balotelli...

    Or his peer, Chuck Norris.
    For more information on the case, be sure to check out The Guardian’s David Conn for his usual top-notch financial reporting; Ian King’s piece on The Score’s Footy Blog on the delicate balance between supporter’s trusts, finance, and phoenix clubs - Mr. King gets more specific on Darlington’s case on the excellent Twohundredpercent; as usual BBC London’s Non-League Football Show were on hand to speak with the redundant manager of the club, Craig Liddle, following yesterday’s revelations.

    Most recent reports have the execution stayed until tomorrow as former chairman George Houghton is meeting with administrators over a potential takeover.

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