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Monday 30 January 2012

Book of the Month – When Friday Comes Football in the War Zone by James Montague – Chapter Eleven - Syria

    A militant club in a militant country; conscription has its benefits. Visa-free trip to meet the Colonel. Portraits with Vigo-like qualities line the walls of the compound.

    A suspicious comeback for the former giants of the league, having fallen behind early. Wasta gets you everything; without it, it’s a struggle.

    Times are changing, the once full ground now empty as the establishment gives way to a more modern experience.

    An Islamic nation less ostentatious in its faith; the might has loosened its reigns; an FA plan to distribute, well made, is executed.

    Youth promotion bodes well on the international level.

    A mean question met with a wry smile.

    The taxi ride across the border comes with a surprise requirement; smoke if you got ‘em.

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