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Wednesday 25 January 2012

Book of the Month – When Friday Comes Football in the War Zone by James Montague – Chapter Eight – Egypt

    Red or White? Ahly or Zamalek? Only one answer is acceptable in the Cairo Derby, the biggest game in Africa, most watched too.

    An ominous warning only recalled too late.

    A meeting with a legend, sharing highlight reels and Pepsi; a useful ally.

    Highbrow hooligans, unexpected Ultras. A banner borne of English and Italian parentage. That singular source of happiness explained.

    The match, as intense as imagined. The result, unexpected. The town, painted red as the fans stream out to boast emptily.

    # Another friend of rank is made.

Some reviews of the book are available here, pay particular attention to David Goldblatt's.

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