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Friday 30 March 2012

The Sad Death of Fox Sports World

    According to the TV guide, Fox Sports World Canada will no long be broadcasted effective April 2nd, 2012.

    While the channel has been outpaced by the newest additions to soccer on Canadian television, FSW will always be remembered fondly by more than a few in soccer circles.

    The losses of the odd Italian or French league match, coverage of the UEFA Europa League or Copa Sudamericana will leave only a minor dent in the coverage of the major competitions. But the removal of information on the J-League, Asian Football in general, and Australia’s A-League is regrettable, the growth in such regions and its coverage is particularly important as North America could learn a thing or two as they grow into powers together.

    Sky Sports News and the Fox Soccer Report, not to mention classic programming such as the Football and International Rivalries series will be missed sorely by those finding their way into the game.

    It may not have been the shiniest of toys, but it has been there, providing coverage since before the mainstream found it economical and fashionable.

    Hopefully, this decision is part of a larger restructuring, and the absence will be short-lived, but if it is to be the end…

    Thanks for the service these past many years. You will be fondly remembered. 

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