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Tuesday 13 March 2012

Free Stuff Wednesday Night at The Duke

    I’ll be watching the second leg of the Toronto FC-LA Galaxy Champions League tie at the Duke of Gloucester on Yonge St. a block South of Bloor St. on Wednesday night – kickoff at 10 pm.

    I have a limited supply of stickers courtesy of The Blizzard to hand out and will be collecting email addresses for a draw to be held later in the month for free digital copies.

    If you like football and are a fan of some excellent writing than this is the quarterly publication for you. Featuring the best in the business recounting the stories they want you to read.

    So come out, watch the match, and celebrate or suffer with some like-minded individuals; have a pint, say hello, grab a sticker and take your chances at a free downloadable copy of this fine collective masterpiece.

    Hope to see you there,


NB: As the draw will not be taking place on the night, should you not be able to attend, feel free to get in touch via email (partiallyobstructedview@gmail.com) or twitter (@grawsee) to submit your email address and declare yourself eligible for the prizes.

    If The Duke is not your cup of tea, I will do my best – time allowing – to make it out to other locations around the city (Toronto) to distribute stickers and collect entries. Have a suggestion? Please make it be known. Thanks in advance.

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