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Tuesday 27 March 2012

From a Different Point of View – 3rd Week of March Edition

Some Things You May Have Missed From the Last Week


    Toronto FC trialists Moises Orozco and Kevin Huezo have resurfaced.

    Andre Hainault was never interested in a return to Montreal.

    This is the article that kicked off the storm in Montreal that result the Impact barring a reporter from asking questions.

    Dan Gargan gets his video camera out for the preseason.

    Paolo Tornaghi Interview – Chicago Fire All In podcast.

CONCACAF Champions League

    Mexican clubs dominating, perhaps due to the fortunes of season.

    Giving Toronto a chance.


    Couldn’t wait to get this one in, astonishing result, well done Canada.

    Bobby McMahon’s latest at Forbes.com – On Canada outdoing the US in soccer; if only it would happen on the pitch.


    Zakuani on Muamba.

    Brian Phillips of Grantland and Run of Play on the fall.

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