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Monday 12 March 2012

From a Different Point of View – 1st Week of March Edition

Some Things You May Have Missed From the Last Week … Well, more like the week before last, sorry been busy.

Galatasaray’s tribute to Fatih Terim, courtesy of Dirty Tackle.

A profile of Toronto FC’s newest star, Luis Silva.

Strangeness at Pompey; just how does this chicanery come about?

Travis Clark, guru of all things US College Soccer and MLS, handicaps this season’s rookie of the year candidates.

A little dated, but worth a few minutes of your time – Vancouver engages in some Valentine’s fun. Hat-tip to Kurtis Larson’s LarSUN on the Reds Blog

Seattle claims the only reason Toronto is getting (dated I know) so many fans out for the CONCACAF Champions League is the Beckham factor, a little defensive eh?

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