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Saturday 3 March 2012

Defending Winter’s Decision

    Aron Winter’s decision to forgo a potentially riveting all-Canadian clash in the finale of the Disney Tournament , while disappointing to fans hoping to whip out the preseason measuring stick, was the right one to make.

    Every single signed member of the squad that was eligible to play in Wednesday night’s season opener flew back to Toronto, leaving behind a rag-tag assortment of trialists and academy products to contend with Vancouver for the Mickey Mouse Trophy – not sure if that is what it is called, but it should be.

    Excellently TSN has picked up the live stream of the match, and will be airing it on television on tape delay an hour later. But the potential for the first earnest Canadian derby of the season – to stretch the meaning of the term – has lost fervour as a result of Winter’s call and Vancouver having to split their squad between Orlando and a peculiarly scheduled friendly in South Carolina against Coach Martin Rennie’s former side, the RailHawks.

    Derbies have a tendency to get spicy, and both sides despite looking sharp in recent performances, are one rush of blood away from a catastrophic mistimed tackle and injury. No matter how much the fans want a big clash, the risk was simply too great. Be patient, there will be a proper contest soon enough – weather permitting.

    Wednesday night is too important for Toronto, and Vancouver would be wise to not overstate the importance of this trinket.

    So enjoy seeing the youngster’s get a run out; it should still be a good match, despite the risk of a one-sided affair.

    Remember, this one doesn’t matter, and does not count as silverware, regardless of how much some would claim it so.

    A Charity Shield of sorts will not salvage another disappointing year for either side, so be patient. There are bigger fish to fry for these two teams this season.

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