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Thursday 12 July 2012

Rennie More Conciliatory This Time Around

    Having raised a fuss about his post-match comments last time around, it is only fair to recognize Vancouver Coach Martin Rennie’s more responsible approach this time around.

“[We’re] Obviously very disappointed in losing the match. It’s hard to lose any game and thankfully we haven’t lost too many this season but it always hurts when you do lose so late in the game after equalizing so late in the game.”

“It is very frustrating and something we are not happy about, we are very disappointed in terms of not doing better defending, not only that set play (injury time game winner) but other set plays during the game.”

“I thought we were comfortable at 1-0 up but there was a spell there when Young-Pyo Lee was injured and was off the field for 5-7 minutes and when he came back on we were down 2-1 and that was a major turning point in the game. We were winning and fairly comfortable but to come out of that game losing three goals leaves me scratching my head but it is something we are going to have to bounce back from.”

“The second half was one of the most exciting halves I’ve been involved in for a long time, obviously it’s always hard when you come out on the wrong end of it. It’s one of those games where you’re scratching your head thinking, 'How did we lose it?'

“But when we look back at it, we’ll say, ‘We could have done better defending the set play, we could have done better not giving away the corner, we could have done better on a number of little things, and unfortunately that cost us tonight.”

    He does make mention of Lee having been off the field for two of the Toronto goals, but there is little accusation allied to that remark, which, by the way, was very peculiar – nobody seemed to notice him prone on the pitch at first and then the Whitecaps took forever to get him, or if necessary a substitute, back on.

    Perhaps had Sebastien Le Toux not spent so long on the ground some moments earlier after an awkward header forced him to writhe in pain for some two minutes, more would have been made of the defender caught up-field.

He points foremost, not to the referee’s performance – which was at time erratic - or birthplace, but to the struggles of his own side at conceding set-pieces and poorly defending those chances.

A much classier series of statements from Rennie on this night; Darren Mattocks celebrating in front of the South End, however…

It does no good, for either the team or the sport, if coaches waive a dismissive arm, attributing outside forces as having affected the outcome of a match. To put such an idea into the minds of the team or the fans is to do them a disservice.

Taking responsibility is key to addressing shortcomings, not absolution through the uncontrollable.

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