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Friday 20 July 2012

First Person View - Viva La Mexico

    The rebranded Liga MX Torneo Apertura 2012 kicks off tonight.

    Now I know next to nothing about Mexican football, but I plan on learning. In the past, I’ve implored that to better understand your team; you must have an eye on the rest of the league.

    That same principle holds true here, especially with the Champions League becoming a more vibrant facet of the landscape. So take some time and invest it, so that the next time your club heads down to Mexico and earns a scrappy draw, or gets shelled in a foreign land, you will have some context with which to evaluate the result.

    A vibrant league for a vibrant country; there appears to be no limit to the storylines one could follow: a fan of big clubs down on their luck? Chivas Guadalajara return to play from the worst season in their storied, century-long history. A fan of Toronto FC’s failed attempt at a Dutch revolution? Chivas has their own in progress, hopefully for them, it fares better.

    An upstart powerhouse more your thing? Santos Laguna look to defend their Clausura title, can they continue that high-octane attack for another season?

    For all your preview needs, the good folks over at SB Nation’s FMF State of Mind have put together a wonderful series of short previews – Links to all seventeen others can be found at the bottom of this final installment on Santos Laguna.

    Do I understand any of the inside jokes? No I do not. Will I? Yes, one day. Nicknames aplenty, such as the Colombian Drogba and the Ecuadorean Neymar should pique the interest as well. Just what is a Xoloitzcuintli? And how does one pronounce such a word?

    So pick a team, hell, pick two, give it a chance. More often than not in this crazy wide world of soccer, you will find something of interest, something to talk about, and you may just learn a thing or two.

    If podcasts are more your thing, I heartily recommend NASN.tv’s The Mexican Soccer Show, the last few episodes have focused on the build up to the new campaign.

    Most, if not all, these fine folks can be followed on twitter, I’m too lazy at the moment to link to everything, but should you have any trouble, please feel free to get in touch and I’d be happy to point in the right direction.

    Perhaps I should do one of those follow Friday things. Maybe later, anyways, Viva La Mexico!!!

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