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Tuesday 10 July 2012

Promotion Watch – Wilmington Hammerheads

    Sometimes it’s necessary to give the fans a little extra impetus to head out to the park.

    Whether a bobble-head – the fascination with these creepy caricatures is perplexing – a t-shirt fired from some sort of cannon, or free post-match moisturizer – TFC’s affectation for this has been alarming this season – fans in North America, and most likely the World over, love a little action on the side.

    Retro nights have become all the rage of late, the hometown Blue Jays have run a successful Friday Night retro event for several years now, encouraging fans to dress the part, and usually featuring a player from those heady days of the past as special guest.

    Once, some time ago, the Maple Leafs had a promotion that saw Hot Dogs, Pop – or Soda – and perhaps even Beer, reduced to the prices of yesteryear; rest assured many were consumed that cost-effective night.

    Hopefully combining those two great passions, the Wilmington Hammerheads of the USL are hosting a retro night of their own on July 12th in their words – in celebration of the greatest decade in recent memory – The Eighties.

    Fans born in the decade will be admitted for a mere eighty cents – finally a good thing about being born in the Eighties, aside from an excellent education in cartoons and sitcoms.

     While there is no mention of fancy dress, one can only assume such hilarity will ensue.

    Deep-seated fear and respect for sharks aside, POV-FS would like to wish Wilmington best of luck on such a venture and on the rest of their season.

    And please, please, let there be pictures.

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