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Tuesday 31 July 2012


    There are some great club names – both historic and current - in CONCACAF, Jamaican club Humble Lions FC is a good one, as is Robin Hood of Suriname – yes, Suriname is part of CONCACAF. Robin Hood versus the Walking Boys sounds like a good match.

    Panamanian club Euro Kickers sounds violent, Bermudan side Dandy Town Hornets sound, well, dandy and stingy, Cayman Islands contribute Scholars International, no doubt a studious bunch.

    Puerto Rico has – or had - Yama Sun Oil, St. Lucia’s Roots Alley Ballers sound tough to beat.

    Guyana’s takes the title of most entertainingly nomenclatured competition – featuring, at various times, the likes of Bakewell Topp XX, Pele FC, Thomas United, Beacon FC, Alpha United, Omai Gold Seekers, Guyana Defence Force, Fruta Conquerors, Seawall, Milerock, and YMCA Guyana.

    Though the US Virgin Islands gives them a run for their money – Positive Vibes, Rockmaster FC, Unique FC, the New Vibes St. Thomas – clearly, or at least hopefully, an offshoot of Positive Vibes, curious as to what sort of ideological split forced the birth of the new club, and of course, the always refreshing Coca Cola Rovers.

    St. Vincent & the Grenadines chimes in with the likes of Rick’s Superstars, Stubborn Youth and System 3, and the bizarrely dubbed Chelsea FC, but have they got no history?

    Trinidad & Tobago have given the world Joe Public, common enough, but Police Force TTO, Kentucky Memphis, Malvern United – hey, that sounds familiar – and Maple Club, round out the competition.

    Not mention all the kooky names coming out of the US and Canada – what the hell is an Impact? And how does one prepare for the Revolution? Not to forget about the Clash or the Mutiny? How to encapsulate a verb turned noun into a mascot? So many questions.

    Time allowing POV-FS will take some time to delve into the histories of these exotic and colourful sign posts on the road to CONCACAF glory.

    Scratch the surface and surely there is a story, they’re owed that at least.

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