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Thursday 24 January 2013

From a Different Point of View - Babayele Sodade Passes on National Team Camp from SoundersFC.com

    A piece up over at the Sounders team website indicates that Babayele Sodade, the towering forward who injured his knee – torn ACL - with the Olympic squad back in March of 2012, turned down an invitation to the national team’s January camp.

    Sodade went down injured early in the second match of the qualification tournament against the USA and is yet to see any MLS action after rehabbing for the entirety of his rookie season.

    While it will be disappointing to not have the big man in the side and to get a better look at his game, it was perhaps the right decision, with his return to fitness still not complete.

    “It was my first call-up.  It would be fun, but I have to be smart amount it, I can’t risk my career for a friendly.”

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