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Sunday 26 August 2012

Upon First Glance – Toronto FC at Houston Dynamo

    The initial reaction:

    In honour of Paul Mariner’s half-time statements, this match report is brought to you by Big Brother.

    Match was ungood; result was gooder.

    Two persons left in Toronto; one nonwellbackwise, other restful. 

    Houston goal - doubleplusgood pass, poststepwise around tackle. Controlled and scored – footshot.

    Time – Twenty-one minutes.

    Toronto goal – defense unmarking on left-sidewise cross - headshot.

    Time – Eighty-five minutes.

    Final score – 1-1

    Mariner bellyfeel good Toronto. Crimestop, only goodthink. 

    YP5.3 in progress.

    To be fair, one could interpret his comments - it being the best the team had played in a while - as meaning that, while it wasn’t a pretty performance and they did not assert themselves on the match, they also didn’t shoot themselves in the foot with an individual mistake – as they have in so many recent matches.

    The goal they conceded, rather than from a mistake, missed coverage, or set-piece, came from a fluid, slicing attacking move.

    In many ways, forcing the opponent to beat you, rather than doing yourself in, is a step in the right direction.

    While some will interpret it as duckspeak, he is simply finding positives in the negatives; that is a good thing.

    The world is currently blackwhite for TFC.

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