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Tuesday 14 August 2012

POV-FS Out Loud – Soccer Made in Portland: Episode 61

    Ever wonder what sort of voice belongs to these innumerable words?

    Well, now is your first chance to catch a listen.

    Topics include: the plight of the fan base and club in light of the constant shuffling, looking at the squad situation for Wednesday’s match at BMO Field between Toronto FC and the Portland Timbers, what Donovan Ricketts can add to the Timbers, areas of concern for the Reds as they face the Timbers, and a very vague prediction.

    Huge thanks to Michael Orr and Kelly McLain of Soccer Made in Portland and the fine folks of NASN.tv – specifically producer Trevor Hayward - for having me on the show.

    Subscribe via iTunes and all those other catchers – sorry, I use iTunes, but you can find the necessary RSS feeds and whatnot if you look - and check out the fine selection of NASN.tv shows.

    Particular favourites of mine include The Mexican Soccer Show, The Best Soccer Show, Turkish Football Weekly, Corner of the Galaxy, and of course, It’s Called Football; all are great listens and new Fall programs are on the way.

    Apologies for the slight yawn-y sound, I didn’t sleep well last night and verbalizing thoughts is much different from hashing them out on a keyboard - an entirely different beast altogether actually - and my mouth was troublesomely stumble-y today; enunciate.

    I was quite nervous as we began – pacing around my little living room rug, but hopefully I pulled it together as we got further into the conversation.

    It’s quite weird listening back to one’s own voice isn’t it?

    Any thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Did I say “Umm” too many times?

    Please have your say in the comment section below, all feedback is welcome.

    Mr. Orr is a fellow contributor to The Blizzard, if you haven’t checked out his piece of the Timbers first season in the original NASL in Issue Zero, well then what are you waiting for?  Get on it. Issue Five is out now.

    I’m off to a birthday dinner, so Know Your Enemy: Portland Timbers Edition for Waking the Red may have to wait for first thing tomorrow morning.

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