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Wednesday 1 August 2012

First Person View – Carl Robinson Retires. Wait, What?

    A few months ago I wrote about Montreal Impact trying to steal the spotlight away from the finale of the Voyageur’s Cup between the other two Canadian MLS Clubs – Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps – by announcing the acquisition of Marco Di Vaio the very morning after the match in Toronto, choking the airways, not with talk of the match, but of the Italian striker.

    This time, it appears Vancouver has upped that game of sportsmanship by “officially” announcing the retirement of TFC fan-favourite Carl Robinson on the afternoon before the CONCACAF Champions League begins – a match that Vancouver would very much like to have been playing themselves.

    I was setting out to write a glowing piece about Robbo – fret not, it should follow this one shortly – but it got the old gears turning… I thought he had retired from New York in order to join the coaching staff in Vancouver at the start of the season.


    The piece, anonymously accredited to Whitecapsfc.com, states that “Robinson has confirmed today (July 31st) that he has decided to officially retire as a player,” and goes on to say how Carl “… is ‘delighted’ to be working with head coach Martin Rennie and everyone involved with Whitecaps FC.”

    This required further investigation, as most thought Robinson had previously retired.

    Just a few days ago (July, 25th), in a piece by John Molinaro at Sportsnet.ca, a reference was made to his decision to hang up the boots, in order to join the coaching fraternity at the end of last season.

    Just what does official mean anyways?

    I suppose after five months of coaching it was entirely possible that whatever retirement was made in order to leave New York could potentially be overturned and Robinson could once again grace the pitch, but now… it’s official.

    Well-played Vancouver, well-played. I suppose it’s Toronto’s turn now, eh?

    Or does winning four-straight Canadian Championships and earning, let me restate that – earning, the chance to represent the country internationally sting enough?

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