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Friday 9 December 2011

A Quick Glimpse – JDG2, Europa League, & Movember + Editor's Note

Jonathan de Guzman returning to Canada

    While I was away there was startling news that made its way to me, spawned from an interview with Julian de Guzman (JDG1) by The Score’s James Sharman that his brother, JDG2 – and perhaps even Junior Hoilett – were ready to set aside their dislike for the CSA and make themselves a part of the Canadian National Team’s fold. Having avoided reading much of the reaction, as to remain fresh to discuss it, my take is that this could well be a good sign for the growth of the program. The groundswell of support and coverage has risen to a substantial level, no longer – or at least, less frequently – fans have to go to extreme lengths to watch and read about the team and its players. Is this potential boost a sign of a new dawn or another in a long list of disappointments, time will tell, but what an addition they would be, but of course they could also upset the balance of a side still finding its way.

Manchester’s United and City in the Europa League

    Will these two great rivals participation – albeit due to failing in the Champions League - finally give an underappreciated tournament some of the coverage and attention it deserves. I’ve always dug the competition, as it’s a chance to catch a ton of teams I normally wouldn’t see – though I seldom give it the attention it deserves. Isn’t that part of the wonder of football that has been lost in the global village? It’s often lamented that the mystery of past World Cup’s is lost as all – most – of the players are well-known to the general football fan in a way they never were previously, and the Europa League still offers the chance to see players before they make their big move to a more recognized club. English cameras – and hence the larger worlds – will be trained on the matches played by these two much-loved clubs, and their prestige could lend the tournament a huge boost. How awesome would a final or semifinal between the two prove?

Canada and Movember

    Apparently Canada raised one-third of the 100 million dollars donated world-wide for the men’s cancer initiative. For a relatively small – population-wise – country that is an outstanding show of support. Well done to everyone who donated and all who participated. I grew a sympathetic one this year - it was bad – but hope to take part next years.

Editor’s Note – Having returned home to find some 75+ hours of video on the PVR, several days worth of audio, and thousands upon thousands of column inches to review the next few weeks will be very busy; oh yeah, Christmas is coming too. I have an England tour wrap to compose, as well as some thank you’s to pass out, but I’ll get back into the swing of things soon, including some pieces largely written – but not completed – before I left, so they may seem out of date. Expect a mix between the old and some new pieces prompted by my experiences abroad.

Happy Holidays, thanks for stopping by and please do come again; hopefully some redesigns and additions to come soon.

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