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Friday 21 October 2011

They’re Killing Football … And Raking It In.

    The schedule that was recently released is appalling; the endless game of musical chairs that teams will be forced to play as they crisscross the vast nation is simply ridiculous. One has to wonder whether the powers-that-be care more for the financial rewards to be cultivated than for the quality of the competition hosted.

    It has been stated that the sheer massive nature of Insert Country would – if considered thoughtfully – force the reinstallation of the home-base principle, whereby each group would be centred in one particular locale for the first stage, allowing each nation and their fans a more simple enjoyment of those three crucial matches.  

    But instead it has been decided that every team will be traipsing around the country, like a travelling circus with the intention of forcing any fans wishing to follow their side into the life of a vagabond rather than enjoying their costly vacation.

    The game has long been at risk of leaving the real-life fan on the sidelines while the TV audiences enjoy from the comfort of their own home, putting the match atmosphere - such a vital part of the experience - in jeopardy. As TV money continues to emphasize its importance over that of the live revenue there will be fewer expressions of nationalistic fervour at these global events, and more of the homogenized buzz that has afflicted previous incarnations. 

    That is what makes this decision so despicable. The decision to maximize the exploitation of a captive audience - trapped in a foreign country for the express purpose of watching football – by not catering to their needs as guests and opting instead to bleed them for more is shameful.

    The international flavour of the competition should be encouraged and made available to more, not restricted to the few with enough disposable to dispose. Travel within the country will be highly regulated; driving such long distances will not be an option, so any fans wishing to travel will be herded toward some official travel partner – or even more likely – forced to purchase an official tour – limiting their freedoms and interactions for the duration, while their pockets are drained.

    Sure, some could get wise to the whole fleecing and choose to enjoy some time on the beach, and catch the match on the local television but the majority will feel compelled to follow the team they came to support. The extra cash leeched from their pockets will not serve any noble purpose; extorted into the coffers of select entrepreneurial acquaintances.

    MLS deals regularly with the difficulties of vast travel and climatological variation to depressing effect; though its influence can be overlooked in the short-term, come the time for the knockout rounds teams will be exhausted. With very little time to get proper rest and time on the training pitch, defensive game plans and dire matches will pervade and prevail.

    It’s a shame that what could have been such a joyous celebration of the world’s game, beloved by so many, will instead see more stories of fans being left behind, not considered important as the masters chase the dollars; selling short the quality of play and the fan atmosphere, all for a few shillings more.

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