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Monday 13 June 2011

Paul Chapman

     Sad news out of Germany as long-time German and English football correspondent for Deutsche Welle and BFBS passed away following a short illness.

    The DW German Sports Report is a fantastic little weekly show. They paid tribute to their friend in this weekend’s edition.

    Mr. Chapman covered the Bundesliga with a keen eye, though his love of all things Manchester United was never far from view. A sample of his work can be found here, summing up the 2009-10 Bundesliga season and his thoughts on the tragic death of Robert Enke.

    Jovial, energetic, and insightful with a respect of the past while looking forward; to not hear his engaging, cheerful voice on the air any more is a loss to us all.

     Spare a thought for the good man, who helped bring the German Bundesliga to life for an English-speaking audience.   

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