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Monday 13 June 2011

El Salvador - Sign Them up

     El Salvador has been one of the more entertaining teams at the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup. Granted they have yet to face the toughest of competition, but several of them could be expected to make moves out of their native league following the tournament.

     The Alas Brothers, Dennis and Jaime have performed well in the midfield. The elder, Dennis (26) is a defensive midfielder, tough tackling but with an eye to starting attacks, while covering a lot of turf in the course of a match. Jaime (21) has played on the left side of midfield showing some pace and ingenuity.

     Rodolfo Zelaya (22) has been instrumental in the El Salvadorian attack. Dynamic and flamboyant from his striking position, his 3 goals lead the team in scoring.  Léster Blanco (22) has only seen the pitch in one match, but took his goal well against the Cubans.

     All four players and most of the El Salvadorian squad still play in their homeland. The Alas Brothers play for Luiz Ángel Firpo, Zelaya is at Alianza, and Blanco at Isidro Metapán.

     With the European transfer window getting into action and MLS’ opening soon, this regional championship is an excellent opportunity to put oneself in the shop window.

     Toronto FC has not got a culture of Spanish speakers at the club. Plata is the lone representative of that denomination, but has had great success with their lone dynamic Central American player, Amado Guevara.

     Deemed a troubled loner before he had arrived in town El Lobo was perhaps the most professional and rewarding of all the so-called quality Mo Johnston brought into town.

     It is often said that having an eye too closely on European fallout players is a detriment to an MLS club. Many of the best players and best deals come from looking to the south, rather than across the pond.

     Toronto FC is in need of reinforcements, Aron Winter, Bob de Klerk, and Paul Marriner best be paying attention to the Gold Cup.

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