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Wednesday 25 May 2011

Thrown Out: Whispers on Super injunctive Twitter

    There is a storm brewing over the apparently overheard whispers of Sir Alex Ferguson regarding a journalist who had the temerity to ask how important Ryan Giggs was to Manchester United in light of recent super injunction revelations. Some would argue that SAF was in the wrong and has had a Gray-Keys moment of his own, forgetting he was sitting in front of a barrage of microphones, recording even the most unintelligible of syllables from the mouth of the great man.

     That seems ridiculous, Fergie is a wise old owl, he knows when you are sleeping, and he knows when you are awake, it is much more likely that in the buildup to Saturday’s UEFA Champions League Final he would rather there was something other than Mr. Giggs supposed indiscretions being discussed in the media. At times the English Media has a tendency to play the eager puppy, so enthused about the possibility of chasing to collect the ball about to be thrown that they fall for the old fake throw, following the supposed trajectory, only to find they have been had. Mourinho was a master at leading the press pack of hounds down the wrong trail, pricking his own finger, to cloud the scent of the easier prey’s blood.

     Did Ferg take a page out of his old drinking buddy’s handbook on storyline obfuscation? Or did he really think that even the most subtle of whispers had a chance to sneak by the heavily patrolled microphone table? Most the talk has been about SAF’s faux pas, perhaps earning Giggsy a touch of peace in this hectic pre-match gauntlet. It would appear that the whisper was all that was required to bay the howling pack and turn those hounds to sheep.

BBC Video Link of the incident, http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/13530459.stm, with subtitles.

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