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Thursday 26 May 2011

The Match that Never Was

    Some thoughts on the VC-NCC (Voyageurs Cup – Nutrilite Canadian Championship) match that was abandoned and replayed, hopefully dryer, the very next day. The rain started just moments after the match; it was not the usual rain, for these drops were big ones, evil ones. Everything was fine, unless you dislike being wet, until the close of the first half, a crack of lightning pierced the south-western sky, slowly approaching. It seemed odd to halt the play then, but that was the decision made, a poor one as what came was much worse. Following a half hour delay, the players again took the field, a veritable swimming pool, the ball stuck, the players hydroplaned, the sky and the play degraded, both looked dangerous, things were going to get reckless. And so, the match was put on hold again, “let’s try and wait it out” someone suggested, others knew the game was up.

     There is much vitriol, especially from the Vancouver side of the country about how this is bush league CSA crap, or unfair, but take a step back. This is of what lore is made, in thirty years new soccer fans will be indoctrinated to pop-out books depicting these events. Well, maybe pop-out books will be obsolete, hologram pop-out books, with actual rain and lightning, much cooler. These are the storylines that define a competition and bring people together to root for their side. The Rocket Richard Riots, the Gretzky high stick and Kerry Fraser non-call, the Pavel Bure goal against the Calgary Flames in 1994, even the Kevin Bieksa goal in overtime last night, these are the bits of drama that give life to a simple game.

     Montreal’s Cinderella run to the Semi Finals in 2008, the miracle/disaster in Montreal in 2009, Toronto FC’s stunning, professional, uncharacteristically decent performances against C.D. Motagua and Toasted Gerald’s Cruz Azul in 2010, and now this fiasco in the rain and storm for the 2011 edition. It has not been an easy ride establishing this competition, but rather than see tonight as a reason to tear it all down, it is a means to an end. Those in Vancouver, come together in hatred, hate Toronto, hate Gantar, hate weather, Toronto cares not what you think or feel, but love the Whitecaps, cheer for them, have a drink in joy or despair, and be there next week and the one after that. Whatever the outcome when the match is replayed there is one more story to add to the folklore of the Canadian Championship, though it seems a tragic injustice now, these memories will live long.

     Nobody has lost yet, the game hasn’t even started.  

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