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Sunday 29 May 2011

Thoughts? – Decipher the Blather

"When a Swiss farmer's neighbour has a cow while he has none, the less fortunate farmer will work twice as hard so that one day he can buy a cow as well. When another farmer, elsewhere, on an island, say, has no cow but his neighbour does, that farmer will kill the neighbour's cow out of sheer malice. I'd rather be a Swiss farmer, like it or not"  – Sepp Blatter, care of The Guardian’s Fiver.
     Where to start when dissecting such a complex pile as this? … Well, occupationally speaking a farmer is a simple man, down to earth, toiling hard to earn his just desserts. The cow, the prized possession of this simple man, is a symbol of a recurring value. Assuming that the farmer collects milk from the cow rather than eat it, this regular payoff, which is transformed into milk and cheese, could symbolize the regular returns of operating such a rewarding endeavour as farming, or football governance.

     Geographically, the usage of the nationality of the farmer as being Swiss could indicate he is speaking of himself as being either the farmer with the rewarding cow or as that without the cow who, has aspired to be the well-compensated farmer. His usage of the less scrupulous farmer being from an island is perhaps a shot at Dear Old Jack, from Trinidad and Tobago.  Or it could be a shot a Chuck Blazer, who is perhaps that less fortunate farmer, looking to tear down his neighbour’s cow just for the hell of it because he is not the sort to work hard like the Swiss farmer without a cow would.

     Is Sepp saying that Jack is a malicious islander who felt his beak wasn’t getting wetted enough without a cow of his own? Is that’s why he’s had all these indiscretions over the years? Is Blatter insinuating that Blazer wants to be the big chief and he is eyeing Jack’s CONCACAF cow? Or is it just a load of bull intended to confuse at this time of crisis? 

An earlier post pondered what was going on with the current air of corruption at FIFA, today’s hearing, streamed live here and available in its entirety on demand as part of the transparency campaign being pursued, should give some additional perspective on what is going on as the election date for the next term is set for June 1st.

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