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Sunday 20 March 2016

Beyond POV-FS – WTR Mailbag & How You Doin' Sporting KC at Waking the Red

The usual pair of weekly articles went up over at Waking the Red earlier this week.

In the WTR Mailbag, readers are invited to submit their questions to the comments below, where myself and the rest of the staff do their darnedest to respond to the best of our abilities. This week's threads include whether Montreal is for real, an attempt to clarify the opaque MLS roster rules and regulations regarding salary cap hits and whatnot, as well as a discussion about Jozy Altidore's value and the potential of trading a designated player within MLS.

Check it out

And for the How You Doin'? Segment, WTR linked up with SB Nation's Sporting KC site, The Blue Testament, exchanging questions and answers ahead of Sunday's match in Kansas City.

Cody Bradley was kind enough to respond to WTR's enquiries here, while our replies to his can be found at TBT here.

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