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Sunday 6 March 2016

Beyond POV-FS – Mailbag & How You Doin'? New York at Waking the Red

A couple more posts up over at Waking the Red this week to note, including the introduction to another new feature: the mailbag.

In the Mailbag, myself and the rest of the WTR staff will be fielded questions from the audience and doing our best to respond to whatever topics may arise. Think of it as a sort of open forum, where staff and readers alike can mingle and discuss whatever issues arise throughout the course of the season.

The first one has gone rather well so far – check it out

As well, with the first game of the season set to kickoff in less than an hour, WTR also sees the return of the How You Doin'? Feature, where questions are exchanged with a sister-SB Nation site.

This week it was Jason Iapicco of Once a Metro who let us know just how the Red Bulls are doing ahead of Sunday's opener. Huge thanks to Jason for his help.

Check it out - as well as WTR's responses at OAM

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