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Thursday 11 October 2012

Cuban News Rounds

    In preparation for tomorrow evening’s match between Canada and Cuba, POV-FS fired up the Google machine and the old-reliable translate function to dig a little deeper behind the upcoming opposition.

    Information was scarce, with Cuba already eliminated and the nation’s sporting attentions more internally focused on Baseball, Boxing, and most-interestingly, Chess, but there were a few tidbits of information that may be of interest to the anorak-enthusiasts out there.

    Considering that their hopes of reaching the World Cup have already been dashed, coach Alexander (Chandler) Gonzalez will be looking to ready his charges for the upcoming Caribbean Championship. Cuba enters qualification for the regional tournament at the end of the month, with their group scheduled to take place in Trinidad and Tobago from October 24th to 31st.

    The tournament proper will be held in Antigua and Barbuda in December, once the various qualifying groups have wrapped up.

    Have a look at the completed and upcoming fixtures, in particular, the Martinique-British Virgin Islands match.

    FIFA head-honcho Sepp Blatter was set to make a late-October trip to the island nation, but this report has him rescheduling the visit to early in the New Year.

    One writer laments the Cubans inability to score, reflecting on a strong performance against Honduras by a side once again let down by a lack of firepower - a common plot known-well by many a soccer fan.

    Another ponders whether with the help of “Raiders” that “Lost Goal” of Cuba can finally be found.

    The Cubans have thus far been kept off the score-sheet in qualifying; in fact, their last goal came in a friendly match against Costa Rica back in November of 2011 – a streak of six hundred and sixty-three minutes of play.

    Reading over the comments section should make one feel a certain comraderie with the Cuban football fans.

    And finally, an interview with National Team and FC Villa Clara goalkeeper Odelin Molina, now at the tender age of thirty-eight.

    A savvy veteran with over a century of international caps - including twenty-four World Cup Qualifiers, a handful against Canada – looks back and ponders the future.

    Be sure to have a look at the all-time results between the two nations as well.

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