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Monday 2 April 2012

MLS Weekend Review – Round 3 – Watch This Space – Part Two

    I know, I know... last week I promised I would get around to this, but there simply has not been time.

    Topics to be discussed this week would have included two teams – of the possible ten – who found themselves with unblemished records come the weekend's end - Kansas City and their three wins; Philadelphia and their three losses.

     Early goals and their importance - especially those in the cases of New England, New York, and San Jose who rode that early impetus to victory.

     Montreal getting Geiger-ed in Columbus – an over-reactive red card and a soft penalty call minutes apart – and some fine tackles being punished with foul whistles. The danger of taking the art of tackling out of the game continues to haunt the sport.

     Not to mention perhaps the best match of the weekend on Sunday night – Ricardo Villar's breath-taking free kick, Kevin Hartman's taunt backed up with a fine penalty save, only for hubris to come raining down on him in the end and the Sporting fan giving Andrew Jacobsen the finger after he was unfortunate enough to miss a difficult sitter.

     It would have been a good one. Oh well. Perhaps in the future something will appear in this space.

     There is a slight risk that this week's too will slip into nothingness. With Toronto FC ready to dual Santos Laguna in the second league of their CONCACAF Champions League tie – beers at the Duke? - and the road trip to Montreal this weekend – not to mention UEFA second legs and a midweek Salt Lake-Montreal match to scout – it's another busy week here at POV-FS.

     Thanks for stopping by, apologies again; always striving to provide more and better content, though doomed to sometimes fall short.

Seattle v Houston 2-0; Toronto v San Jose 0-3; New England v Portland 1-0; Columbus v Montreal 2-0; Chicago v Philadelphia 1-0; Salt Lake v Chivas 0-1; Vancouver v DC 0-0; New York v Colorado 4-1; Kansas City v Dallas 2-1.

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