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Tuesday 10 April 2012

From a Different Point of View – 1st Week of April Edition

Some Things You May Have Missed From the Last Week

      The passing of Giorgio Chinaglia was a shock that reverberated around the footballing world. From New York to Rome, the ripples of which spawned heartfelt words from all points between and beyond – a small selection of those voices include Soccer America's PaulGardner, ESPN's David Hirshey, Michael Lewis at Tropigol, and Nick Szczepanik of the Guardian, not to mention this interview with BrianGlanville, remembering the great man who helped bring the world's game to New York and put North American football into the world's purview.

     Though not the most recognizable name to grace the Cosmos and the NASL, he was perhaps the most committed to and emblematic of the glorious project. Rest well Giorgio. Here one can find a clip of all fifty goals he tallied in the record breaking 1980 season.

     The current edition of the NASL kicked off this past weekend. Some previews of the league to further enhance the knowledge, courtesy of Soccer America and IMS Soccer – great resources for all levels of the game in North America.

     Soccer America comes through again with a preview of the USL season which also began this weekend.

    A piece on the history of the original NASL from an upcoming quarterly publication – XI Quarterly – on the game in North America. Check out their Kickstarter campaign to contribute to the cause.

    In CONCACAF, under the heading of "Does Anyone Really Care", the new President of the confederation appears to be headed for an unopposed run at the seat.

     Following the reign of terror by CONCACAF Jack and Santa Claus, anything would surely be better, but a little competition is always a good thing. Pray it's not more of the same.

    Toronto FC exited meekly from the latter stages of the CONCACAF Champions League on Wednesday night. While the performance was nothing to write home about and the disappointed calls for better from the club have rung out, one writer – Red Nation Online's Dominic Sikora - takes the time to point out how the match was lost.

     The call for understanding, as opposed to the repeated demands of excess change, is a mission POV-FS appreciates and encourages.

    Toronto FC have burned through players like no other club could. Sometimes a name from the past five years pops up, and when they do it is always interesting to see to which heights players have climbed or to what depths they have fallen.

     This instalment of “Where are they now” features the likes of KyleDavies and Fuad Ibrahim, as well as a nod to inaugural keeper GregSutton, and a profile of former Academy standout, Allando Matheson.

     Over in Europe, following a dire series of quarterfinal matches, the stage is set for some massive encounters. Real Madrid versus Bayern Munich, Galacticos vs. Hollywood, carries it's own gravitas, but as this Guardian photo gallery point out, Chelsea-Barcelona should be a corker.

    In impending World Cup disaster news, Fernando Duarte echoes the fears of many that Brazil's preparations for the 2014 tournament are troubled.

    Jimmy Conrad's retirement last season meant the self-dubbed most handsome man in MLS will no longer grace the pitch, but thankfully he has not yet ridden off into the sunset. In response to Dana White's pointless attack on soccer, Jimmy calls him out, and issues a challenge. 

    Apparently, it's been accepted.
     Returning to the local, new podcast alert, a little belated, but be sure to listen to Episode One - and all subsequent renditions; hell, subscribe to the feed so as to not miss a minute - of Red NationOnline's new podcast North of 49.

     Of particular interest to all the Julian de Guzman naysayers out there are his responses to questions of what it means to play for his hometown club and the future of the game in Canada.

     Torontonians in particular and Canadians in general, like their leaders to be chest-thumping workers. Julian is soft-spoken, but under that laid-back facade is a ton of heart and no small amount of skill, something that TFC fans would be wise to remember when his contract runs out at the end of the season.

     Hat-tip as well to Paul Marhue of East Side Stand Up – also available at Red Nation - the Toronto FC focused comic strip.

     The last two editions have been especially brilliant, well done sir.
     Finally, a brief reminder – as though it were necessary – of the historic rivalry between Montreal and Toronto from A Football Report's Elizabeth Cotignola. Read this, then don't bother watching or reading any thing about this weekend's match, their first meeting in MLS. Keep on moving; nothing to see here.

     POV-FS was there, but has yet to have been able to address what occurred. Something will come in due time, it's all just too fresh to deal with it at the moment. Perhaps tomorrow.

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