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Wednesday 31 August 2011

Retrospecticus – Volume I

     Every so often a piece written long ago becomes pertinent once more. This retrospective will highlight some of the entries those that may have been missed, as well as some favourites.

With the close of the transfer window fast approaching two pieces on differing club policies:

Beautiful Losers – an Arsenal piece as they took on Barcelona in last season's Champions League knockout stage questioning whether Wenger’s ethos had overtaken his ambition.


Manchester City Transfer Policy – an examination of City’s devious plan to climb to the top by systematically weakening their opponents; their snatching of Nasri from Arsenal and grabbing Agüero before Chelsea could is a continuation of this cunning scheme.


Concussions in MLS – With the retirement of MLS and broadcasting legend Jimmy Conrad, as well as the unappetizing clash of Drogba’s head and the Norwich keeper, John Ruddy’s fist, which prompted Alan Curbishley to state this bit of medical wisdom “out of action one week per minute concussed” (not as scientific as one would hope for); the scourge of modern sports is something that need be considered in top level football (soccer).


Sir yes sir – an examination of the structural flaw in the six-man referee teams that will be taking charge of the upcoming UEFA Champions League and Europa League matches.


As Canada begins their World Cup qualification this Friday versus St. Lucia, a quick look back at some pieces on supporting the home team from the beginning of this summer’s Gold Cup.



The site is nearing its one hundredth post, a worthy milestone, thanks for visiting.

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