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Monday 4 July 2011

Quote of the DWW*

     Today: A double dose of quotations.

     Firstly, Mr. Schaad puts his finger on something I’ve been thinking all season long; the Toronto Sports Media are a bunch of cannibals. While, Mr. Lenarduzzi responds to the statement that BMO Field has lost some of its ferocious magic.

     “Even though the Toronto Media were trying to tell me all week there’s no way Toronto wins either of these games... I just don’t think enough credit did go to a very maligned franchise in Toronto that’s been under the gun; they’ve been murdered by the media in that city this year … they showed some character.” – Peter Schaad

     “When Toronto came into the league there was no better environment in the entire league than BMO Field, there was nothing even close… and that is gone now.” – Peter Schaad

     “I gotta say the atmosphere hasn’t changed that much, it’s still greater than Empire [Field] and that’s a credit to the fans.” – Bob Lenarduzzi

     The cannibalization of Pro-sports in Toronto is a long and twisted history, more on that subject later.

     The atmosphere at BMO has dwindled, but when the fans are on – as they were on Saturday - they’re still the best in the league.

Courtesy of The TEAM 1040’s Whitecaps FC Daily Radio Show/Podcast for July 4th, 2011.

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